Capital Crimes: a Letterpress Chapter

This letterpress-printed chapter of Not To Put Too Fine a Point on It details the history of SHOUTY CAPS, or using capital letters to indicate a raised voice. The chapter is bound in mylar and comes with a note that explains its manufacture.

This chapter and nine other articles are available in an ebook.

Not To Put Too Fine a Point on It: ebook edition

If you’re interested in type, printing, and language and where they intersect, you’ll enjoy this book of ten researched and reported articles written in 2016 and 2017. I look into the origin of CAPITAL LETTERS used for SHOUTING, why we type > to indicate a quoted part of reply, the resurgence of letterpress through digital assistance, Walt Whitman’s 1889 poem “A Font of Type,” a web site archiving itself for 10,000 years, and the surprising origin of “this page intentionally left blank”—and more! Download this excerpt of the book, which contains a full chapter.

This ebook is an outgrowth of my year spent as Designer in Residence at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle, where I printed a letterpress edition with six of these articles. The residency spurred me to research and write more, and this expanded ebook is the result. 

Ebook formats included: PDF (116 pages), EPUB, MOBI. DRM protection: none—read on any device. Publication date: November 2017.

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Walt Whitman “A Font of Type” folio: poem and essay

Walt Whitman was a printer and a typesetter long before Leaves of Grass, the first edition of which he and a friend set and printed. This letterpress-printed tribute to Whitman is a folded sheet, a folio, with his poem “A Font of Type” on the cover and an explanation of the history and specific meaning of its elements in an essay with illustrations and footnotes inside. The poem first appeared in 1888 in a collection called November Boughs.

The Magazine: The Book
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The Magazine was an electronic periodical that published nearly 300 features across 2 1/2 years spanning a broad range of interests—from the persistence of a museum devoted to wood type to the pipe-dream of building a sky-high lava lamp in eastern Washington to how cargo bikes transform life in the Netherlands.

We collected 29 of the stories that our subscribers and contributors told us meant the most to them, along with dozens of illustrations and photographs. This 216-page hardcover edition is beautifully printed in full color. Cover by artist Amy Crehore, whose work has been exhibited around the world.

It was funded through a Kickstarter in 2013 and printed in 2014 in an edition of 1,500 copies.

We have just 20 left, and you could get one of the last copies. (Due to weight, ships to the US and Canada only.)

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The Magazine: The Complete Archive

The Magazine published nearly 300 non-fiction stories across its 28 months in existence as a fortnightly electronic periodical. We produced 58 issues from October 2012 to December 2014 —over 500,000 words from 150 authors.

This entire body of commissioned work has now been put into a high-quality, DRM-free ebook in all the popular electronic-reader and software formats—it's 1,800 pages long in PDF format! Purchase includes PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.

The direct download packages the EPUB and PDF versions (300 MB). Because the Kindle-compatible MOBI version is another 270MB, you'll receive a separate link to download that after purchase. (The MOBI file has to be sideloaded via USB to a Kindle, a simple process; it's too large to use the Wi-Fi email option.)

Sales tax is added for Washington State residents.

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