Case Construction Starts

With the start of summer, it’s also the start of construction of the museum cases for the Tiny Type Museum & Time Capsule. Anna Robinson, the designer and woodworking artist, ordered the wood (white oak), reserved shop space, and has started milling, cutting, piecing, rabbiting, biscuiting, joining, and all the rest. She’s been sending me photos as it progresses.

When I first envisioned this project, it was over appetizers with Anna, as we sorted out a vague idea I had about making type history into something people could hold. It was natural to develop the concept and the case with her, as she pursues a certificate in cabinetry at a remarkable local school, building on her existing woodworking and laser-cutting skills honed over years.

Now owning some type that’s 150 years old and visiting archives with material dating back centuries yet remaining in working form, an intent at longevity—at being a real time capsule—had to be in this project. The artifacts gathered for the museums need to be matched by a case that will last as long as they have so far and as long as they will into the future. While I won’t know if the cases are still in people’s hands in a century or two or five, I’m confident Anna and I made choices that make it at least possible.

Anna will be constructing cases over the summer. We have nearly all the final details settled, though are waiting for a final set of dimensions from the bookbinder (estimated at least) to make sure the slot for the book and its slipcase are close enough that we can design around it. That should come next week.

Later in the summer or into fall, we’ll be laser cutting the dividers and other incidental material used in the interior construction of the drawers. The white oak will be stained and we have the finish work, the book insertion, and other details as we move towards the anticipated January 2020 shipping target.